A blog about reality

We have decided to start a blog and website for the farm so we can share all the mistakes and misadventures we make with everyone else. That’s reality; Not what is on Facebook or Instagram feeds (though we have those too). The dirt is real, and so is the ignorance of how to cultivate life from that dirt. That happened once a long time ago; I’m just trying to imitate it.

Case in point: I had a lovely and pristine raised bed of onions for just about a day. This afternoon after church I went out to inspect my 45 or so onion children in their new home, and instead discovered tracks, dug up rows, and a corner of the bed that had nearly been excavated. I had thought the wood-walled barrier would prevent any trespassing from the pack of dogs that share the house with us. While examining the tracks one of the dogs, a terrier-shepherd mix named Brandie, came up to say hi … right through the bed. A sharp command later and she had retreated while I made repairs. I think all the onions are accounted for, all the trenches have been filled, and hopefully no lasting damage has been done. Some frames I am going to use for cucumber trellises now serve as temporary fencing until I can go to the store for a more permanent solution.

All part of dominion. And living with five dogs. Yes. Five.


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