About Me

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Disciple, Cultivator, Journeyman Scribe, Outdoorsman, Projectile Enthusiast, Foody, Learner. Twenty-two years of experience in capturing the world with my pen and in my lens.

Oftentimes I write for my church at http://thewellsa.com/blog, and create print content with the aim of helping the reader understand the God of the Bible. Additionally, I’ve overseen and contributed to teams that created devotionals for the book of Genesis, and study guides for 1 and 2 Timothy.

I want to know Jesus more and help others know Jesus more. I want to use the skills and talents he gave me for good work. Writing is one way I keep my hand to the plow. I have preached, taught, researched, learned, written, edited, served, failed, got stuck, and moved on, but by God I keep going.

I have been married since 2013 to my beautiful wife Amanda and have a wonderful son named Sam who was born in 2021. For those interested, I got my Bachelor’s in Ag Communications and Journalism at Texas A&M University in 2008, and a Master of Divinity from Southern Seminary in 2020.

In addition to spending time with my family, I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy gardening, cooking, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, writing, studying, and reading. I’m old enough now that I read way too much about World War II and smoke a lot of meat.

You can find other writing and photography samples not housed on this site here: https://matthewwatson.foliohd.com/



2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello have a question please

    How do you grow herbs in your kitchen please?
    Live in small apartment with sliding door but no patio.
    What kind of soil, dirt would I use to have them growing constantly?
    Thank you


    1. Rosemary, I’m so sorry I never answered your question. I had basically abandoned this whole enterprise and wasn’t pursuing it at the time you posted. My apologies!

      You can grow herbs easily in your kitchen if you have a window with some good sunlight. My kitchen window is fairly shaded so I had to put them in small pots outside and then bring them in when it gets too cold. You can use anywhere from a gallon to a pint container. You would get a general potting soil or container garden soil from your local hardware store or garden center. You can start from seeds or get starts from your local nursery and then water them occasionally. Re-pot them as they get bigger if you haven’t used them up already!

      If lighting is a problem, and you do not have a patio, you could use artificial lights, like leaving them in your kitchen with the light on, for example. They make special grow lights though.


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